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How your battery works

An automotive battery is a very important piece of your automobile. If your battery is not functioning properly, your vehicle will not be able to function properly. If your battery is dead, your vehicle will not start (until you replace the battery or give it a charge). You may understand that your battery provides the electricity to start the car, but it also provides the power for all of the car’s electrical components. With today’s extensive electrical systems, a failing or uncharged battery will eventually mean an unpowered vehicle.

Want to understand more about your battery and how it works?
Your car’s battery, starting system and charging system all work in unison to convert chemical energy into mechanical energy, and then back again. Your battery stores chemical energy, which is converted to mechanical energy for the starter to crank the engine. Once the engine is running, the engines rotation drives the alternator, which forces mechanical energy back into the battery,where it is again stored as chemical energy. For the cycle to function properly, your alternator must return as much energy as the starter and the electrical systems “pull” from the battery. Your headlights, radio, running lights, dome lights, charging port – even your Engine Warning lights – must have power from the battery to operate. Checking and maintaining your battery is a very important piece of automotive care.

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